Beth Brenton, Jesse, Abby, Joseph Brenton & Shadow
(formerly Barnhart)  

Hi! I just got married and my husband, Jesse and I live in Nashville. He works for Motorola and I am a Special Education teacher. We both went to the University of Memphis. He received a degree in Electrical Engineering and we met through mutual friends. We were married in Memphis, TN where my parents and our friends are. We miss our friends and family and hope to move back there one day.

I was a volunteer for Special Olympics for 8 years and that is how I decided to become a Special Education teacher. I worked at Super Kmart for 4 years and experienced many challenges that I was able to take with me through life.  I taught for a year and a half in Memphis and learned how to deal with parents and administration.

We like to travel as you can see in the Travel section. My family and I have been many places and we come home with unforgettable memories. Jesse and I are practicing raising a child with one of the four-legged kind: we have a Shih Tzu and he is adorable! His name is Shadow and he requires regular feedings, lots of love and care and he needs help going to the bathroom.

I treasure my friendships and treat them as family. I hope you enjoy visiting my family and our experiences. Feel free to write any time. You can reach me at

If you would like to see our wedding pictures, click here!

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