The non-human members of the family.

Pet Name Description Owner
Leica Ratus Catus sub-genus holy terror Doug Barnhart
Wira A purebred Ocicat and heart stealer Doug Barnhart
Sonny The cutest cocker spaniel (R.I.P.) Neil & Pat Barnhart
Ivan "the terrible"  The name says it all. Neil & Pat Barnhart
Cara a new girlfriend for Casey and the gang Neil & Pat Barnhart
Scrappy World's horniest love bird Neil & Pat Barnhart
Maggie Friendliest german shepard (R.I.P.) Neil & Pat Barnhart
Hallie CEO Cat of Neil & Pat's pets Neil & Pat Barnhart
Casey Newest addition to the family Neil & Pat Barnhart
Cali Fat, lazy, but a very loving cat....... Chris Weber
Fricka One word for this dog..... SPAZ! Alexis Weber
Hoover Mellow and very loving (lol... if you know what I mean...)! Chris and Mimi Weber
Shadow Loveable ball of fluff with attitude Beth & Jesse Brenton
Cranberry Loving for Trish, invisible to strangers Trish & Brian Bender

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